Meet The Team


Chris & Andy Weight




Both Chris and Andy are second generation sheet metal business owners who have built strong relations with many well known UK manufacturers. From the time they were old enough to work, their father (the late Fred Weight - business entrepreneur and founder of RJW) taught them the combined art of metalworking and business development.


Chris is a keen badminton player and likes nothing more than to be either in his garden log cabin with his two dogs or catching fish. Andy is a keen boat owner and enjoys being out on the open water, he also likes inventing products.


We look forward to hearing from you!


Ray Rayner

(General Manager)

Tel: 01202 875852

Ext: 221

...what Ray doesn't know about sheet metal probably isn't worth knowing and Ray's no nonsense attitude is well known in manufacturing circles. Ray is a dab hand at DIY by the way, also he apparently has a secret recipe for cooking a mean steak too, just tell us Ray...


Simon Edwards

(Works Manager)

Tel: 01202 875852

Ext: 224

...Simon started out as a welder/fabricator and has been with RJW for many years now. When Simon isn't at work he loves to bbq and party or both if the offer is there? He also has a campervan that he likes to tour around in...


Richard Buck

(Workshop Manager/Programmer)

Tel: 01202 875852

Ext: 203

...Richard is a first class programmer and is particular about all things metalwork. He is also a very keen cyclist, apparently he can ride 25 miles or more with no sign of any blisters, no one has yet dared to ask him if he wears lycra or not...


Christian Briant

(Compliance Manager)

Tel: 01202 875852

Ext: 226

...Christian comes from a strong Safety & Quality background. If Christian decides we need something to help develop the business he campaigns tirelessly to the Directors until he gets a result. He plays his music on a gramophone and likes forest camping, we think it's fair to say he is a bit eccentric...


David Reeve

(Quality Manager)

Tel: 01202 875852

Ext: 223

...we don't know anyone who has a sharper eye on products than David. He can spot an imperfection at twenty paces, and it won't go out the door. David loves most sports but he is particularly keen on football...


Sharon Clark

(Office Administrator)

Tel: 01202 875852

Ext: 202

...after working in the NHS for many years Sharon knows about all things business administration. When she isn't typing she likes to be on the slopes skiing, she says she is good but we haven’t had any video evidence yet...


Darren Farley

(Despatch Supervisor)

Tel: 01202 875852

Ext: 224

...Darren has a wealth of experience in despatch and logistics, he ensures your products are carefully packed and delivered to your specifications. Darren loves to travel and has what we describe as a 'wicked' sense of humour - you have been warned...


David Hart

(Sales Manager)

Sales Manager David Hart

Tel: 01202 875852

Ext: 227

Mobile: 07387 024 074


...David has been a well-known successful sales figure for over 25 years. He loves the Greek islands and remains a keen AFC Bournemouth supporter...

'Why not outsource your metal work and make RJW your fabrication department? If you would like to know how we can help make your manufacturing business more profitable and take some of the stress away, please do call me so that we can organise a cup of tea and an informal chat' - David Hart