Plant List


CNC Punch & Laser


Amada EML 3610 NT CNC combination machine. 4KW laser 45 station 30 tonne electric punch press – working area 3050 x 1525 – 6mm thick (punch speed maximum 1800 hits per minute with fold/form capability and M3, M4, M5 and M6 tapping heads). Coupled to an MP250 sheet load and unload system with conveyors removing parts from the workchute.

Amada EMZ3510NT CNC 45 Station – 30 tonne – working area 2500 x 1270 – 6mm thick (punch speed max. 1800 hits per minute) with fold/form capability and conveyors removing parts from the workchute.


Brake Presses


CNC Amada Promecam HFE 100-30 – 3.0 metre 8 Axis 

CNC Amada Promecam HFE 50-20 – 2.0 metre 8 Axis 

CNC Amada Promecam IT 2512 – 1.2 metre


Cutting & Milling


Edwards guillotine – 2.0 metre, with NC back gauge

Togue tool sharpener

Bridgeport turret mill

Various pillar, hand drilling and tapping machines

Corner notchers

360 degree Bewo 315mm circular saw

Myford Super 7 Lathe




30 KVA Spot welders (pneumatic) 

25 KVA Spot welders 

Miller 250 TIG Welding Bay 1

Miller 250 TIG Welding Bay 2

Miller 250 TIG Welding Bay 3

Miller 250 TIG Welding Bay 4

Jaguar 203 Mobile MIG Welding Kit

Cebora 190C Mobile MIG Welding Kit




Two standard Pem Serter stations

Series 2000 auto feed Pem Serter

Two CD stud welding systems

A range of thin gauge sheet metal rollers up to 1.2 metres

Masking and labelling facilities

Five Norton fly press stations




Two Timesaver grainer - grinders

Guyson shot blast cabinet

RSA edge deburring machine

Vertical linisher

Air & electric grinders and grainers

Vibratory and rotational rumblers



Quality Control

Our ISO 9001 quality office is staffed and equipped to accurately control the manufacturing processes associated with your components.

All measuring and monitoring equipment is inspected and calibrated independently to ISO 17025 standards.

RJW Sheet Metal Ltd recognises the need for all ISO standards to be UKAS accredited.