Our metalwork abilities are extensive, popular services include:


CNC Punch & Laser

What is a CNC punch press? The term 'CNC' simply means Computer Numerical Control. Punch presses are highly flexible and efficient pieces of heavy machinery that punch quickly and accurately into sheet metal. Most turret punch presses consist of a table or bed with brushes that allow the sheet metal to move with little friction. Brushes are used in order to prevent scratches on the workpiece.


Cutting & Milling

What is a guillotine? Guillotines are sometimes also referred to as a ‘squaring shear - power shear’ or by the metalworkers term ‘guilly’ but all are basically referring to the same piece of equipment. Guillotines may be foot powered or hydraulic. The way they work is relatively simple; first the material is clamped with a ram. A moving blade then comes down on to a fixed blade to cut the sheet. Some guillotines have an electric back rest offering faster cuts on various sizes, others can cut the sheet at an angle. 

What is milling? Milling is a popular form of machining metal material; you can create a variety of features on a part by cutting away the unwanted material. Milling creates features into the piece, such as holes, slots, recesses, and even three dimensional shapes.



Most people know that welding is a metalworking process that joins two metals together. However not everyone knows the difference between welding types, some of the most common types are currently known as MIG, TIG, and Spot welding.

MIG stands for ‘metal inert gas’ and TIG is 'tungsten inert gas' - both welding types obviously have their own advantages and limitations. 

Spot welding is the welding of sheet metal at fixed points by application of pressure and electric current using a fixed pedal operated spot welder.



Metal finishing is when an exterior coating or grain is added to a metal product by application to the surface. There are many types of metal finishing processes that can be used for a variety of purposes. The right finish can be vital to your products end user popularity. Below are some of the most important considerations.

Getting the right metal finish can:

Increase durability

Improve your product cosmetics

Help your brand identity

Match other associated products

Enhance electrical conductivity

Increase electrical resistance

Increase chemical resistance

Slow down potential corrosion


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